Teacher “schools” agressive prosecutor…

Finally some sanity has been injected into the case of Julie Amero.  She is the substitute teacher convicted of endangering minors for “allowing” porn on a school computer.  Ms. Amero claimed the porn was the result of ad pop-ups on the web but the prosecutor seemed determined to make a case.  She was due to be sentenced yesterday but the court heard her motion for a new trial first and granted it.

Despite the fact that there was no active firewall/content blocker and outdated virus protection, this substitute was somehow supposed to magically change the nature of the web and prevent any distasteful pop-ups.  Shoddy investigation made it seem that someone was actively surfing for it.  Another forensic examination has shown there is no evidence for that and seems to corroborate Ms. Amero’s story.  Even the prosecutor nows admits there may have been errors.

With a competent judge, this should go away when she is retried.  I hope Ms. Amero then turns around and sues those involved if only to make them think twice before trying to railroad people again.  Teachers have enough problems without malicious questionable prosecution.

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