android permissions blues…

In a particularly bone-headed move, Google has removed granular permissions info from Android on application installs and updates.  Even worse they have now grouped permissions into generic profiles that I disagree with on scope.  Android was already frustrating in that you could not grant/deny individual permissions but had 3 options when an app claimed more; accept them, don’t update/install the app, or delete the app.  I have exercised all of those options in the recent past.

We tend to laugh these days at people still clinging to their Blackberry handsets but one thing BB did really well was permissions.  It had very granular settings and the user was in control granting or denying them one by one if they so chose.  I loved my Curve but was eventually lured away by modern touch-screen phones.

I don’t want to be locked into just one provider and I already have an iPhone for my business calls.  (That’s how much I value privacy, I carry 2 separate physical phones.)  So Google is now causing me to go further than ever before in modding my phone.  I’m thinking CyanogenMod.

I’m pissed.

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