police or soldier?

I have been disturbed by the continuing militarization of our police forces for some time now.  It’s now gaining some national attention asking if things have gone too far.  One only needs look at what happened in MA, and what is currently happening in MO to see the slippery slope in action.  And the Ferguson, MO police have made things far worse by targeting journalists and displaying their mocking and hostile attitudes towards those that can relay it straight to the public.

Now I’m not commenting on the Michael Brown situation directly, I don’t have enough evidence yet to make a determination.  But it would be hard to imagine handling a situation worse than what the police have done in the aftermath.  I mean the governor had to strip the local police of their authority for dealing with the protests and send the state police for Pete’s sake.

Personally I think things will only get worse until the police return to working with the community where the officer is a neighbor and not a soldier with military gear.  What say you?

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