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Festivals galore

The most comprehensive list of OH summer festivals I have ever seen. I just may have to try and hit a couple of them.

Ohio Festivals – Schedule


happy thanksgiving!

For US readers, tomorrow is the Thanksgiving holiday.  I will be making pumpkin pies as soon as I get off work…  Wishing everyone a pleasant and safe holiday!

– GG


Merry Christmas!

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Take your child to work? Not so much…

That whole take your child to work thing?  Maybe not…more like get humiliated in front of them when you’re fired for bringing them in.  Wow.

Mom Brings Daughter to Work and Gets Fired []


We all have a little MacGyver in us, but resourceful doesn’t = smart

I ran across an amusing site called “There, I Fixed It – Epic Kludges + Jury Rigs.”  It has a photo record of humorous and sometimes cringe-worthy solutions people come up with when they just don’t have the tools (or brains) for the job.  In addition, there are links to other fun sites with different themes at the bottom of the pages.  This is going to waste a lot of your time.


Beartoons Charity Drive

Here’s your chance to drain local blogger (and awesome artist) Bearman’s bank account for a good cause.  Support the Freestore/Foodbank by helping to publicize his site.  Details in his post.

Beartoons Charity Drive []


1960’s modem demo (more old hardware)

Another guy with time on his hands playing with old hardware.  Live demo of 1960’s 300 baud acoustic modem being used to connect to the internet.  Interestingly enough, I worked at a company that had a 1200 baud acoustic modem still in daily use in 2000 (the same company also had a 286 computer still in production.)


May is festival season in Cincy

As Dan @ Queen City Survey points out, May is festival season in the Queen City.  Head over to the QCS site for a listing of May events and his upcoming coverage of some of the bigger ones.

May Cincy Festivals [Queen City Survey]

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