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Another legend passes…

Just a few days after the passing of Steve Jobs, we lost another critical figure in the IT world named Dennis Ritchie.  Although less well known (outside of the IT crowd) he was one of the giants that other great people stood upon the shoulders of.   For those who do not know, he was a co-founder of the Unix operating system as well as the creator of the C programming language.

While non-programmers may not know much about the C language, chances are good that every electronic device you have runs software created in C.  Non-IT people may also be less familiar with Unix but the majority of internet servers run a Unix or Unix-like operating system and it also is the basis for Mac OS X and iOS.

Even though the reaction will be less emphatic as those commenting on Steve Jobs, Apple would literally not be where they are today if not for Dennis Ritchie.  So I pay the same respect to Dennis, RIP sir.

Dennis Had A Bigger Effect Than Jobs: Pike [EFY Times]



RIP Steve…

Steve JobsAlthough I haven’t been an Apple user for a long time, I fondly remember working on my first Apple II and Macintosh machines.  He was truly a visionary who has had a very large impact on the commercial world and helped to shape the careers of professionals like myself.  Rest in peace and “one more thing”  — thank you.





Crichton passes…

The world lost a very talented writer today, Michael Crichton passed at the age of 66 after a battle with cancer.  Of his works I especially like the Andromeda Strain and the television show ER but most will remember him most clearly for Jurassic Park.  RIP Michael.


In loving memory…

Victoria In memory of Victoria the cat, a gentle soul who provided much companionship.

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