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Avoid lunatic merchant

I do a fair amount of emergency communications work for public service events.  These events often require me to be out in the vicinity of traffic before dawn.  So I always carry a reflective safety vest in my vehicle.  The only problem with the one I have is it isn’t *quite* big enough to zip up as I’m not a skinny little thing.

A friend in the emergency communications field recommended a company to me that carries larger sizes in high visibility vests and other safety equipment.  I looked at their selection, found an item for a good price and placed the order.  Later that day the company left a voicemail for me to call them back about my order.  I do the following day and they complain about the format of my email address.  I kid you not, they cancelled my already placed/paid order because they didn’t like my email address.  They obviously aren’t interested in conducting business.

So, I cannot recommend strongly enough that you never consider doing business with them.

Avoid!  The Man Store


Express Cab (Milford, OH) = FAIL!

If you should find yourself in need of a taxicab in Cincinnati you can remove Express Cab of Milford, OH (513-575-0721) from your list.  Totally unprofessional and obviously not wanting any business.

Finding myself in need of a cab today to retrieve my vehicle from the repair shop I began calling several companies just to get someone to answer.  I reached a gentleman at the listed number who seemed pleasant enough but he indicated it would be at least 45 minute wait (acceptable actually) and he would call me back.  A few minutes later the phone rang from a different number and it was a woman who asked if I was calling about a cab.  I said yes and asked which company she was from (wanted to make sure it wasn’t another one calling back from caller ID) and she said Express Cab but went on to say that “if I had called other companies she wasn’t going to bother with me” and hung up just like that.

Now I don’t know what their experience has been but I can only assume they are concerned with people booking multiple companies to play them against each other.  However, I was not doing this but rather just making sure I knew who I was talking to.  (Side note:  Why do almost none of these companies answers with the name of the company? Mighty shady if you ask me.)

Moral of the story, I wouldn’t touch Express Cab with a ten-foot pole and someone else’s money at this point.  If you are needing a cab specifically in the eastern region call Dano’s (513-797-4411, although they can be hard to get on the phone–they do cell phone dispatch via the shift leader) or anywhere in Cincinnati/NKY call Towne Taxi (513-761-7700, the heroes today.)  Towne is a big operation with real radio dispatchers and everything and both the dispatcher and driver were helpful and friendly.


Unsung heroes…



“Packin’ Heat” @ Bearman Cartoons

LOL…  If you haven’t checked out Bearman Cartoons yet you should.  He has a slightly different sense of humor much like me.


How to Load a Stanley “Sharpshooter” Staple Gun

It’s funny how the little things can really trip you up.  I’d like to think I’m a pretty smart guy but I got a Stanley TR250 “Sharpshooter” staple gun today and I must have spent 10 minutes figuring out how to load the damn staples in it.  Unlike most staple guns I have used before, the staples don’t ride in on the sliding rail but are dropped right into the slot on the bottom of the stapler (while the slide rail is out.)  Of course the instruction sheet says nothing on loading the stupid thing.  (Thanks Stanley…)  So if you have any of the Sharpshooter staple guns, there you go.  Maybe I’ll save someone a few minutes of aggravation.


Happy Holidays

Best wishes for the holiday season.


virtual food bank…

If you are in the Cincinnati metro area you are probably familiar with the FreestoreFoodbank (Rubber Duck Regatta anyone?) Not surprisingly they are expecting record demand this year. They have a cool feature that lets you donate food items without even leaving your home. Please consider contributing to the virtual food drive and help make this holiday season a little brighter for your neighbors in need.


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